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Only work with qualified leads

Sick of generic email addresses that don’t get to the relevant people?

Hard Graft Consultancy will spend the time finding the right person and the right contact details so that you can get in touch.

With 30+ years of hands on experience, Hard Graft can help you achieve your sales goals.

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Build sales capacity without the risk or cost

Need to increase your sales post-Covid but don’t want to take the risk of a full-time, permanent resource, and all the add-on costs that come with it?

Use HG Consultancy as your Interim Sales Manager. On a part-time basis or short-term contract, we can provide you with the resource to give your sales a boost before you take the plunge.

Targetted Lead Generation 

HG Consultancy will do the things your BDMs and Account Managers don’t have time to do. Make those calls, get past those gatekeepers, find the correct contact.

We give you genuine, qualified leads only that are ready to convert.

Better systems to grow your business

Want to increase your sales but don’t have the systems or resource in place?

HG Consultancy can advise on the systems you need to get you up and running, put them in place, help to recruit a quality Sales Manager, and give your sales a timely boost to enable you to grow.

About HG Consultancy

HG Consultancy was born from my 30 years’ experience, getting into contacts that I had no right getting into.

Too many Business Development and Account Managers get bogged down in using generic email addresses and reception phone numbers, getting stuck at gatekeeper’s desks.

I work harder to get you real results.

Iain Kimber
Founder, Hard Graft Consultancy

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